Clodagh at Cheryl Hazan Gallery 2019 | March 14 – April 21, 2019

Clodagh has devoted a lifetime to making the invisible tangible- capturing transient, impermanent design concepts and making them physical.  


“EPHEMERA is an exploration of capturing these elements- the transient moments of life- and the way the nostalgia of memory informs my reality,” says the artist. “Both design and art are universal languages… they need no translation.”


The Irish-born, New York City-based designer’s award-winning interior architectural and landscape projects are the physical manifestations of a groundbreaking toolbox of modalities- biophilia, radiesthesia, chromatherapy wabi sabi and feng shui- and the unique way in which she captures these ephemeral ideas to manifest them into interior architectural designs that address holistic wellness (mind, body, spirit) for those who inhabit her spaces.