Stretching U N S T R E T C H E D

Extending our celebrated exhibition

January 18 – February 18, 2017

Press Release

Cheryl Hazan Gallery will be stretching its celebrated U N S T R E T C H E D group exhibition. New works from Carolina Sardi, Henry Mandell, Kazumi Yoshida, Nathan DiStefano and Tom Brydelsky will be added to the exhibition and on display until February 18th.


This show takes on experimentation outside of the conventional canvas frame. Through differing forms and perspectives, we consider art from new angles. Each piece is selected for its ability to bring forward a different view from what is seen on a two-dimensional surface. Touching upon conceptual art’s notion that abstract idea incites more interpretation and conversation than visual elements, the works are viewed as counterpoints to one another, with each piece presenting a point of view that re-evaluates our notion of space.