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Yvonne Robert

Hugo Lugo

May 2 – June 8, 2019

Press Release

Cheryl Hazan is pleased to present two international artists for their first NYC exhibition, Yvonne Robert and Hugo Lugo. 

Yvonne's current series “Before Thinking” explores the interplay of form and color through a methodology that defies the traditions of both minimalism and abstract expressionism by finding a visual language that straddles the two. This language allows for a robust flexibility of form, breaking free from the constraints of conceptual rigor.

Hugo's series “Space & Doubt” arises from the exploration of the relationship between the uninhabited space and the witness to that space. His work also investigates the paradoxes of abstraction and figuration, seeking to reconcile this formal tension with remarkable sensitivity.

Both artists have developed approaches that rise above conventional formal concerns, and invite the viewer to see beyond the surface - into something profound and unique.