Out There

Francois Bonnel, Rose Masterpol, Jody Morlock, Yvonne Robert & Hayden Rearick

April 22 – May 22, 2022

Press Release

"OUT THERE" is a group exhibition examining a diverse group of artists and their interpretation of abstraction all having the ability to arouse a spectrum of emotions.

Yvonne Robert’s gestural paintings result from an intuitive approach to color and composition. Her dynamic gestures and luscious colors are void of complex references and associated meanings.

Rose Masterpol’s newest work is the language of non-objective, organic, pure painting. Her work consists of abstract shape, lines that are both instinctual and poetic with unrivaled breathe and depth.

For Hayden Rearick, his discovery of abstract painting was abrupt and seemingly random. The connection was immediate. His method of painting is based on spontaneity and instinct with applications of marks and large forms of color not congruent with deep or profound meaning. His goal with every painting is to evoke response.