Deb Lawrence: Uneven Edges

October 25 – December 3, 2016

'Know Her' Series
'Get A Life' diptych
'Know Her' Series

Press Release

Uneven Edges

Deb Lawrence


Cheryl Hazan Gallery is pleased to present Uneven Edges, a solo exhibition of new work by Deb Lawrence. The show is on view from October 26th through December 3rd, 2016.


Uneven Edges features a selection of works distinguished by their unique materiality, process, and conceptual intention. Lawrence views her pieces as psychologically infused "security blankets," in which she conveys women's internal struggle to feel comfortable in their own skin while simultaneously struggling to be heard and valued in contemporary society.


Lawrence works with antique linen that was handwoven by women in the 1800s, originally used as bed sheets and duvet covers. She hand brushes the linen with three separate coats of clear gesso before engaging the fabric with paint. Her handling of materials is intimate and earnest as she folds, creases and paints, creating structural dimensionality and instilling her work with a veritable soul. The coarse threads, hand stitched seams, and occasional repairs highlight the vestiges of the female hand and engender a sense of strength, authenticity and beauty in that which is genuine and imperfect.


Lawrence’s show embodies a wide range of aesthetic structure and form, from tightly ordered, grid-like compositions to voluminous, organic curves, reflecting the emotion and psychology the artist intends to convey. As such, each piece has a distinct personality, creating a dialogue from one piece to the next, and a lively discussion amongst the works in the show at large.