Cutting Edges

James Verbicky | Kristin Bauer | Pancho Luna | Paul Rousso

November 1, 2019 – January 14, 2020

Press Release

 With the rise of e-books and digital versions of newspapers and magazines, the way we receive information has been drastically altered. Paper media is relegated to the recycling bin and rapidly becoming extinct, while the perceptual experience of reading on an illuminated screen is increasingly common.

Cutting Edges is a group exhibition featuring four artists, all of whom use text and literary images in innovative ways to convey their message. How and why they use words varies, resulting in quite a different experience of their message. Some have nostalgia for typography and graphic design elements - the remaining aesthetics of print media that still surrounds us.

Recycling and recombining not only media materials; books, newspapers and advertising, but words and phrases, these artists use collage, printing and sculptural casting to reflect on the chaotic barrage of images that compose our world.