William T. Carson is an artist whose work considers cultural relationships to fossil fuels and raises questions about how we value natural materials. Growing up on a cattle ranch in rural Montana surrounded by coal mines inspired William’s interest in working with coal to create paintings, sculptures, sound performances, and time-based installations. William studied architecture at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark, and in 2015 he graduated from Colorado College with Distinction in Art Studio.  In 2017 he presented his first solo exhibition Unearth at Camiba Gallery in Austin, Texas. William was chosen as one of the “12 Artists to Know in New Mexico” by Andrew Conners, Director of the Albuquerque Museum, and was selected to exhibit in the 2020 Salina Biennial. In 2021 William presented the performance and time-based sculpture Sixty Million Years Until Right Now at the Missoula Art Museum.

William lives in the mountains outside of Santa Fe, NM.