Thomas Sayre has designed and built public art projects all over the world and has been part of the design team for civic, educational, and museum buildings. He, along with architect Steve Schuster, is a founding principal of the multi-disciplinary design firm, Clearscapes , and has been involved as creative director in numerous architectural and specialty surface projects.


Growing up in the shadow of Washington National Cathedral, Thomas' early art education, and his love and respect of natural materials, came from the stonecutters and the Cathedral. His education continued at St. Albans School, University of North Carolina, University of Michigan, and Cranbrook Academy of Art.


Thomas produces both studio pieces and large-scale sculpture the public arena. Particularly with his sculpture work, he intends for the idea of producing art to intersect with the realities of life. The resulting art will work only when disparate opinions come together through collaboration to form a coherent vision.


Thomas continues to work actively as an artist with commissioned work in various collections spanning between Boston, Sacramento, San Francisco, Perth, Australia, Istanbul, Turkey, Hong Kong, Colorado and Tucson as well as throughout the Southeast. He has exhibited his work in a number of private galleries, as well as the North Carolina Museum of Art, the St. John's Museum, the Waterworks Gallery, and the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art. In 1995, he received a NEA/SEA Fellowship.