Nathan DiStefano received a M.F.A. in painting and drawing from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia in 2004. DiStefano is a representational painter, but not a painter of appearances. His paintings are representational pictures of emotional situations. Most of DiStefano's works are abstract environments. His recent works also incorporates figures and still lives, and this work focuses on the emotions created by the interaction between the subjects and their environments.


DiStefano's paintings capture a brief period of time from a few minutes to a few seconds within a single image, an abstract painter’s take on time-lapsed photography. The ability to witness the passage of time in a single image intensifies the conflict between the viewer’s two roles of detached observer and emotional participant in the scene. The artist's high-energy paintings recreate the landscape through minimal brushstrokes. DiStefano’s work makes use of positive and negative space, creating an optical illusion-like effect, in which the viewer’s mind can fill in the gaps to create a moving scene.