As the long time art director of the peerless American textile firm, Clarence House, Kazumi Yoshida has created a signature style of figuring ease and naturalism into contemporary pieces. The artist’s distinct aesthetic has also been notably realized in textile, Kazumi has created Hermès luxury items in partnership with the esteemed French brand for several years.


His paintings and sculptures have been included in numerous shows throughout the United States, Europe, and Japan. His work has been featured in many publications including Vanity Fair, Interior Design, House & Garden, Traditional Home. 

Kazumi Yoshida’s new series of works renew the artist’s spring boldness while capitalizing on his trademark charm and sophisticated insouciance. Amongst the several series, the artist continues to lean into negative space, pushing further what he can contemplate and articulate in his newfound spaces. The Menagerie series elicits a humor and spontaneity while remaining grounded in the artist’s structured compositions. Yoshida’s sculptural approach to portraiture allows ideas to emerge from his spry visual consciousness as he masters and re-masters color, form, and space within his wild narratives.