I think of my work as a serious game at the cross points of drawing, painting and photography. I am interested in the formal aspects of language and representation, in viewing objects as carriers of potential meanings and in strange situations that cause wonder.


The pieces that make up this series arise from the concern to explore -in a pictorial way- the relationship between an uninhabited space and the body that imagines it. A subject is reduced by its condition of Being and the space re-signified by its presence. It is through these devices of representation and seemingly simple geometries, that he also poses the constant pictorial dilemma between abstraction and figuration, between the evocative and the descriptive.


These works are informed by exercises of conceptual traits-particularly of certain lines of performance- that on the one hand originally had the intention to dematerialize art, and on the other hand to vindicate the body as an instrument of knowledge. We could call them ephemeral, sometimes impossible acts, to which painting here provides an aura of permanence.


Linked to this constant interest in the idea of temporality, there are recurrent elements of an archaeological nature, which appear here as mere objects devoid of context and of any rational use. Everything apparently adds to the mystery of the situation, as it is mystery the only space from which the truly poetic can emerge.